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Ultra Potent-C :: Vitamin C Powder

Product description

Brand: BioCeuticals
Categories: Vitamin C
Ultra Potent-C® is a high strength vitamin C powder containing well researched antioxidant vitamins C and E. Betacarotene and rutin provide additional antioxidant and nutritional support.Each Dose… Read more

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BioCeuticals - Ultra Potent-C :: Vitamin C Powder

Ultra Potent-C® is a high strength vitamin C powder containing well researched antioxidant vitamins C and E. Betacarotene and rutin provide additional antioxidant and nutritional support.

Each Dose (4g) contains:

  • Ascorbic acid  1.8g
  • Sodium ascorbate  529mg equiv. ascorbic acid  470mg
  • Calcium ascorbate dihydrate  218mg equiv. ascorbic acid  180mg
  • Total ascorbic acid (vitamin C)  2.45g
  • d-alpha-Tocopheryl acid succinate  83mg equiv. vitamin E  100IU
  • Rutin  78mg
  • Zinc (as amino acid chelate)  5mg
  • Betacarotene (natural)  1.5mg

 Product Information:
    * A blend of three mineral ascorbates providing optimal delivery of vitamin C with minimal gastrointestinal discomfort.
    * Sweetened    with    stevia    and    natural    orange    flavour    for    a    pleasant-tasting    beverage.
    * Vitamin C has been clinically proven to reduce the severity and duration of colds and mild upper respiratory infections.
    * As well as its roles in healthy immune responses and iron metabolism, vitamin C is involved in the biosynthesis of connective tissue, minor wound healing, healthy skin maintenance and hormone and neurotransmitter synthesis.
    * Requirements for vitamin C may be increased during stress as well as during pregnancy and lactation.     
Serving Suggestion:

Adults: Mix 4g dose (1 level metric teaspoon) into a glass (250mL) of water or juice. Consume once to three times daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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