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Green Banana Resistant Starch

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A 100% natural source of resistant starch, made from nutritious green lady finger bananas grown on the Atherton Tablelands in tropical Far North Queensland. Read more

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Product Description

Green Banana Resistant Starch

Natural Evolution Green Banana Resistant Starch – The world's highest quality, most potent resistant starch to heal your gut and restore your body's healthy balance, with just one fibre-packed serve a day

  • The ultimate multi-fibre nutritional supplement—a unique combination of soluble, insoluble and fermentable fibre to promote gut health
  • High in prebiotic fibre, to nourish beneficial gut bacteria
  • Rich in inulin
  • An excellent source of 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) / serotonin
  • High in minerals — including potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese


  • 100% natural, biodynamically grown, green Australian lady finger bananas
  • Free from gluten, grain, dairy, sugar, egg, nuts and soy
  • Contains no additives or preservatives
  • Suitable for vegans, paleo diets and people with gluten sensitivity


  • Simply add two or three scoops (scoop provided) of Natural Evolution Green Banana Resistant Starch to your morning smoothie and blend with fruit, water, milk or the milk alternative of your choice
  • Add to water, and let sit for three minutes before stirring and drinking
  • Add to fresh juice or tea
  • Use as a nutrient-packed ingredient in raw treats, protein bliss bombs and raw food bars
  • Sprinkle over your cereal, stir into soups, or include as a nutrient-packed flour substitute in your baking
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