Our Story

AustralianVitamins.com is a Melbourne based online health food store backed by a team of experienced natural health practitioners & natural food lovers!

Selling thousands of trusted natural health products primarily from Australia & New Zealand, we pride ourselves in delivering supplements, superfoods & everything natural health to customers around the world and absolutely everywhere in Australia!


Our goal is to make natural health products accessible to as many people possible! Our natural health product range includes vitaminsnatural grocerynatural skin caresuperfoodsmanuka honey, natural protein powderpersonal care products & so much more!


We’d like your online shopping experience to be an easy one and trust that you will enjoy the online experience we have provided for you.


We Discount!

We work with suppliers & manufacturers to try and provide the best possible prices on your favourite natural health products. With daily best prices & regular discount promotions you will find that our pricing is very competitive.


Coupon Code Emails

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Product Quality

In Australia, natural health consumers benefit from one of the world’s strictest governance of vitamins, supplements & natural medicines. Australia’s therapeutic regulating body the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) carries out a range of assessment and monitoring activities to ensure therapeutic goods available in Australia are of an acceptable standard.


AustralianVitamins.com presents this quality assurance to the world through the sale of vitamins & supplements which have been assessed by the TGA. Almost any product for which therapeutic claims are made must be entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) before it can be supplied in Australia.


Product Expiry Dates: ALWAYS Fresh stock with longer expiry dates! As we prefer to keep our inventory accurate and aligned with sales numbers, products never sit around our store/warehouse for too long.

  • Lower inventory costs for us = Better overall prices to you the consumer
  • Guarantees products we stock are purchased closer to their manufactured date.


Order Accountability:

Our work does not stop once we ship your order. Why?


We want to make sure you receive what you have paid for. Sounds simple right? Unfortunately this is not standard practice with some companies where their responsibility ends as soon as they click “shipped”.


Whilst many parcels are flying around delivery networks across Australia and around the world successfully, from time to time they can go missing. We’ll always treat your delivery concerns with the highest importance and do our best to recover your parcel through tracking and internal investigations.


Packing Materials

We recycle and reuse! On a daily basis we collect all clean, reusable packing materials received from manufacturers. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, space fillers, excess cardboard, boxes. Anything we believe has another use in it. Benefits:

  • Lower packing materials costs for us = Better overall prices to you the consumer
  • It’s green! We hate waste.Every little bit helps to keep sustainable.