Kolorex Vaginal Care

Proud, empowered – and in tune with your body - Welcome to a new world of vaginal care with Kolorex creams and washes, you can now care for your intimate areas – in a fresh, new way. Choice. Comfort. Confidence. That’s what you deserve. That’s Kolorex.

  • From our bush to yours… The wonder-herb Horopito stars at the centre of all Kolorex products.
  • With Kolorex, you can take complete control – and care for your vagina proactively.
  • Keep the sensitive skin of your vulva feeling healthy and fresh with Kolorex’s pH balanced products.

Only the best, for the best

You deserve the cream of the crop. Or as Kolorex like to say, the pick of the plant. That’s why Kolorex grow only the best Horopito crops for their products.


How are they sure? Because Kolorex inspected all wild populations of Horopito across New Zealand – and now know that some have up to five times higher activity than others. Quite the over-performers, right? So of course, Kolorex only grow these superior plants.


Sustainably harvested in stunning New Zealand

Kolorex Horopito is cultivated, cared for and quality-tested right here – in gorgeous New Zealand. By growing and manufacturing the plant locally, Kolorex ensure it retains all its magic. 100% of the time.


Kolorex plants are also sustainably harvested. This way, Kolorex respect Mother Nature, while producing their products.

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