Cook Islands Noni Juice

Cook Islands Noni Marketing Ltd is the original traditional fermented Cook Islands Noni juice company.


Our corporate office is in Brisbane, Australia. Our Noni orchard, juice fermenting and processing facilities are located in Rarotonga – the capital of beautiful tropical Cook Islands.

We work closely with the Ministry of Agricultural, Cook Islands to support the sustainable agricultural methods employed by our Noni farmers. Our staff assists where we can in sharing agricultural protocols to insure clean, safe fruit for all our processing operations. We feel our company’s efforts in support of sustainable agriculture, soil building, and non use of chemical substance of the Noni trees are the future of agricultural on our islands.

All our Noni Juice is processed using the traditional Cook Islands aging and fermentation methods as they have been practised on our islands for more than 1500 years ago. Our Noni Juice is fermented and pressed in small batches with careful consideration to Cook Islands traditions and protocol.

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