Billie Goat Soap

Billie Goat Soap

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Product Description

Billie Goat Soap

This soap is made from fresh goat's milk, using milk from our own herd of dairy goats.The milk is combined with a selection of skin loving oils, including olive, sweet almond, castor, grapeseed and palm oil. There are no colours or fragrances added. This soap is particularly popular with people who have sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis.

The goat shape is appealing to people of all ages - from children who normally have restricted soap choices to adults who are looking for more than an average bar of soap.

Size: Billie Goat Soap 100g (3.5oz)


fresh goat’s milk, olive oil, palm oil, castor oil,sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil

The Billie Goat Soap Company Story:

Billie Goat Soap started because my youngest son suffered from eczema. I had tried every conventional treatment for him to no avail. After doing some research I learnt that goat's milk soap can often help people with sensitive skin. I had some lessons, made some really bad soap for quite a while, and then finally perfected a recipe I was happy with and that seemed to get results. We chose Billie Goat Soap as our business name because it sounded better than "Nanny Goat Soap". Billie is spelt as you would spell a girl's name (like Billie Jean King I guess) and is a play on words. It has become an excellent talking point with our customers!

Quite some time later I was asked to take my goats to Gosford Show as an exhibit and I decided to sell my soap at the same time. It was very popular and this generated interest from my local Health Food store. Soon the local store was selling the soap, and this lead to inquiries from other stores who were also interested in selling the soap. Before too long, there were a number of stores in our district selling our soap.


At Billie Goat Soap we pride ourselves on our attention to detail in every step of our soap making process.

We have developed a system to produce high quality hand crafted body products and make them available world wide.

Our Saanen dairy goats are a valuable and important part of our business. All of our 'ladies' receive individual attention and care. The kidding season is from August through to December, and the new babies make a welcome addition to our goat 'family'. We are a member of the Dairy Goat Society of Australia, and show our goats at various agricultural events.

All of the soap produced by Billie Goat Soap uses fresh goat’s milk sourced from our own herd. Our goats are milked daily, following a strict hygiene regime. The milk is then frozen and used as the basis of our soap making process.

We believe that the hand made process we employ at Billie Goat Soap is a clear point of difference for our product compared to commercial soaps. In fact, we keep each batch size small (no larger than three kilos are made at a time) so that you can be assured of a high quality bar of soap.

After we have combined the fresh goat's milk with a selection of luxury oils, we follow a traditional hand made production process to produce the entire Billie Goat range.

We allow the soap to cure on our shelves for an extended period before being sold. The curing period allows the saponification process to be completed and provides time for the bar to harden.

We carefully select the soap for each order, and pack each bar with care before sending it to our Billie Goat customers.

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Billie Goat Soap

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