ProPlenish Marine Collagen Sachets

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ProPlenish Marine Collagen sachets contain 100% pure marine collagen. ProPlenish Marine Collagen contains unique amino acids found in the ocean. ProPlenish Marine Collagen restores your body with the nutrients it needs for a glowing complexion and a younger looking you. Read more

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Product Description

ProPlenish Marine Collagen Sachets

Proplenish Marine Collagen Sachets. Beauty from within.

ProPlenish Marine Collagen contains unique amino acids found in the ocean. ProPlenish Marine Collagen restores your body with the nutrients it needs for a glowing complexion and a younger looking you.

ProPlenish Marine Collagen is 100% natural and free of fat, carbs, sugar, dairy, lactose, soy, wheat, gluten and allergens - free of everything except benefits.

  • Contains no artificial, colours, flavours, additives or preservatives.
  • It’s odourless, tasteless and blends clear in liquids and foods. The maximum effect with the minimum of fuss.

At ProPlenish we source the highest grade of collagen from the most trusted sources in the world. Every sachet contains the purest form available.


Simply add one of the dissolvable ProPlenish Marine Collagen Sachets into your tea or water each day, and watch as it works to reinvigorate your skin, nails and hair.

1-3 Sachets per day. Mix into water, smoothies, juices or yoghurt. ProPlenish Marine Collagen is heat stable so can also be added to hot drinks or food such as tea, coffee or soups.

Each Box Contains: 30 x 3.6g sachets

Serving Size: 3.6g (1 sachet)

Also available in a 180g loose powder pack

Recommended dosage
Like any supplement ProPlenish Marine Collagen needs to be taken daily for best results.


100% natural Proplenish Marine Collagen (from fish).

* The majority of people experience no taste or odour however those with more sensitive taste buds have reported a slight marine flavour when taken in water only.

Nutritional information
Servings per package: Sachets: 30 sachets / Powder: 60 scoops
Serving size: 3g (1 sachet or scoop)

ProPlenish Marine Collagen is the purest and highest grade Marine collagen in the world. Unlike other forms of collagen from fresh water fish and animals, ProPlenish Marine Collagen is sourced from deepsea fish, a more pure and potent form of collagen.

ProPlenish is formulated using low molecular weight hydrolysed Marine Collagen, making it easier for the body to absorb and digest. It has practically no undesired side effects, nor does it react with other things you may intake. Not recommended for people with fish allergies or pregnant women.

Nutrition Information:

Servings per package: 30

Serving Size: 3g [1 sachet]


 Quantity Per Serving*

   Quantity Per 100g*


51kJ  [12.2Cal]

1700kJ   [407Cal]

Protein 3g 100g
Fat, total 0g 0g
       saturated 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 0g 0g
       sugars 0g 0g
Sodium 6mg 200mg
Marine collagen protein       3g 100g


 * average values


What is Marine Collagen?

Collagen is nothing new; it is the most frequently
occurring protein in humans and is the most important
building block for the skin, tendons, bone, cartilage,
and all other connective tissues. It is vital for maintaining
skin, hair, nails, muscles and bones.

Our bodies’ naturally produce collagen, however
production slows in our mid twenties, dwindles in our
thirties and by our fifties and sixties, it’s disappeared
altogether. This – combined with sun damage, harsh
environments, poor diet and toxins – results in what we
know as ageing: fragile, sagging and severely wrinkled skin.

Science Beauty Engineers

The ProPlenish team is comprised of scientists,
researchers, nutritionists and collagen experts.

ProPlenish understand and have learnt the delicacy
of the human body – dedicating research to testing,
observing and optimising health and well-being, through
the help of natural beauty enhancing supplements.
Inside and out, they know what works.

ProPlenish are what some would call beauty engineers.
They recognise the power of supplements to replenish,
restore and revitalise skin, nails and hair.

Based in Melbourne, it’s a highly innovative Australian
brand and has been recognised as such – becoming
one of the fastest growing health food supplement and
beauty companies in the world.

ProPlenish Marine Collagen is odourless, tasteless and blends clear in liquids and foods* for maximum effect with the minimum of fuss.

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ProPlenish Marine Collagen Sachets

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49.95 - 269.70
49.95 - 269.70

Reviews - ProPlenish Marine Collagen Sachets

Overall Reviews: (4.7)

proplenish collagen review 5 stars

Reviews: (5)
Junjie W,

Skin felt great and definitely seeing a healthier sheen to my hair - A friend gave me the citrus one to try, I much prefer this one as have it in my cuppa tea. It is a great product as you can add it to anything

Reviews: (4)
Teresa D,

Reviews: (5)
Penny W,