Tips to Celebrate an Allergy-Free Easter

Allergy-Free Easter, Dairy Free Easter, Sugar Free Easter


Celebrating Easter with Food Allergies

Easter is often a time of year where we slow down, maybe head out of town, enjoy connecting with family and friends and eating a little too much chocolate. But what do you do if you or your guests have dietary restrictions?

Maybe dairy or gluten or chocolates are off the menu. We have plenty of products and ideas that can help you out.


Dairy Free Easter Eggs / Hot Cross Buns

Dairy is a blanket term given to milk products that come from an animal, so to be safe, dairy intolerance or allergy will rule out cow, goat and sheep products which include milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt & butter.

The most common ingredient in chocolate, other than cacao, is milk, which means traditional chocolate is off limits for many with dairy intolerance. Dairy free chocolate options we love are:


Loving Earth Boobook Eggs

Loving Earth have made amazing cream eggs that come in a gorgeous little box, and are a great gift idea. They are dairy free, gluten free, vegan. Click Here to view


Absolute Organics Dark Chocolate Chips

Absolute Organic make these scrummy dairy free dark chocolate chips. They go perfectly in this ( low sugar healthier Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns recipe.

Make it Yourself Dairy free Easter Eggs

We love this recipe ( for low carb, paleo, gluten free, dairy free and vegan Easter eggs that you can make yourself.

We use Power Super Foods Raw Cacao, erythritol, coconut oil, dessicated coconut. Just like a Bounty chocolate, only heathy.


Chocolate Free Easter

For those who cannot tolerate chocolate, whether that be due to the caffeine or theobromine content (two naturally occurring compounds in chocolate that can cause migraines and headaches), we recommend trying carob.

Carob powder is derived from carob pods which have been dried out and then ground up. They are a member of the legume family and unlike cacao, have a naturally sweet taste so require less sweetener in recipes. Chocolate free options we love are:


The Carob Kitchen Banjo Eggs

The Carob Kitchen have a range of carob eggs which make great presents for kids as they don’t contain any added sugar, gluten, preservatives or caffeine.

Click Here to view the Carob Kitchen Banjo Bears.

The Carob Kitchen Carob Powder

Try using carob to make some healthier treat options this Easter. We love these Sugar-free Coconut Carob Bars ( made with:

They are gluten free, dairy free, chocolate free, sugar free and a great source of fibre and medium chain triglycerides which are essential for good digestive health.


The Carob Kitchen Banjo Bears

A Carob Bar (Bear) range made with Australian grown Carob and real Cocao Butter.

  • No added sugar
  • Caffeine free
  • Theobromine free
  • Gluten free

Click Here to view the Carob Kitchen Banjo Bears.

We hope you enjoy your healthy treats and have a wonderful Easter break.

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