6 Natural Skincare Essentials for Summer

6 Natural Skincare Essentials for Summer


Natural health essentials to protect, boost your antioxidant intake, hydrate and retain your skins natural glow, so you can stay safe, play and be free of worry all summer long.

Every year we eagerly await the Summer season to land upon us; longer days, lighter nights, ocean swims and warming rays lift our serotonin levels and ultimately boost our mood. However, whilst the season has its numerous benefits, the weather’s humidity, pollution and scorching UV rays all have the ability to harm and damage the health of our skin.

Rashes, sunburn, peeling, chapped lips, premature ageing and free radical damage are all significant causes for concern during the hotter months.

Here at AustralianVitamins.com we care about the importance of staying SunSmart and limiting excessive sun exposure. We also understand the need for sensible outdoor activity for the maintenance of adequate Vitamin D levels to help boost our immune system and keep us healthy and strong.

We have therefore listed 6 of our favourite staff products to help you protect, boost your antioxidant intake, hydrate and retain your skins natural glow, so you can stay safe, play and be free of worry all summer long.


Little Urchin Sunscreen

Little Urchin Sunscreen SPF30+ is free of any nasty and toxic chemicals that seem to be present in most brands on the market. The main active ingredient is Zinc Oxide, a powdered mineral which not only provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays, but prevents premature ageing and treats acne and pigmentary disorders too. As such, those will particularly sensitive skin will benefit from using this product.

Organic Green tea, cucumber and rose-hip oils are included in this concoction to provide soothing and cooling, rich antioxidants for the skin. Grease and oil free, Little Urchin is 3-hours water resistant and suitable for the whole family (6months+).  Click here for more info


Lifestream Aloe Vera Mist

Need to cool down after basking in those summer rays? Or do you need that something extra to soothe that dry and irritated skin from all that humidity? LifeStream Aloe Vera Mist is a multi-purpose spray that’s has you covered.

Formulated with 95% Pure Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel and Cucumber, this spray will help to aid in skin repair, alleviating sunburn, rashes, minor cuts whilst simultaneously hydrating the skin with Vitamin E’s deep moisturising qualities. In fact, when applied topically, Vitamin E can help to block free radicals caused by sun exposure and will help to replenish the skins natural lipids, lending to more vibrant and youthful skin.

Use liberally on the face and body and keep fresh in the fridge for a cooling and hydrating spray on those hot summery days. Click here for more info


Jojoba Protective Day Cream SPF15

Skin protection comes naturally with this lightweight day cream that also provides a broad-spectrum SPF15 barrier, guarding the skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays without clogging pores. Zinc Oxide and and Titanium are combined with Vitamin E and antioxidant rich Green Tea and Pomegranate, to fight free radical damage and prevent signs of signs of ageing from excess sun exposure.

Apply after cleansing and remember to cover up with sunscreen and a floppy hat for that extra protection.  Click here for more info


La Mav Organic BB Creme

BB creme (Blemish Balm) is a foundation, moisturiser and sun-blocker all in one. But if you’re looking for a more natural alternative product that isn't full of artificial ingredients, LaMav's best-selling Organic BB Crème is must-have product for your makeup bag this summer (and we believe all year long).

La Mav’s BB creme has been carefully designed and formulated to cover up blemishes and sun spots, providing anti-ageing benefits, all whilst leaving your skin feeling smooth, radiant and hydrated. Rich in Vitamin C and soothing Rosehip oil, it is also great for those with hyper-sensitive skin, or conditions such as Rosacea, Eczema and Acne.

Apply BB creme under your foundation and provide extra coverage with SPF30+ when heading outdoors.  Click here for more info

Thursday Plantation Walkabout Insect Repellent

Mosquitos love to come out and play during summer, and boy do we know that they can be little pests. But did you know that that Tea Tree oil works as a great natural solution to repel those cheeky insects and flies? Not to mention it’s fueled with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties too, making it a great solution for inflamed and wounded bug bites.

Thursday Plantation Walkabout Insect Repellent has been designed with all-natural tea tree, lemon tea tree and citronella to protect and guard against those nasty bites that disrupt your daily outdoor activities.

Free of any artificial toxins, one can feel safe to apply this liberally on the body albeit hiking, camping or enjoying an evening BBQ or swim. Click here for more info

Noosa Basics | Deodorant Stick with Activated Charcoal

It’s important to sweat, but you don’t want to smell. A large number of commercial deodorant brands contain ingredients that block the skin from sweating, something which is extremely important for the detoxification of trapped toxins in the body. That’s why, we gravitate towards the natural brands - Noosa Basics Deodorant being one of our favourites.

Handcrafted with only the finest ingredients, Noosa Basics Deodorant is locally made, containing all organic and all natural ingredients which are effective in neutralising odours and keeping you feeling fresh and clean all day long. Baking Soda is the main active ingredient, immediately killing bacteria that causes bad odour when applied.

Organic Arrowroot and Australian Kaolin Clay absorbs moisture whilst still enabling you to sweat, whilst Shea butter nourishes your skin and Organic Coconut oil works its anti-bacterial magic. Click here for more info

In conjunction with these products, it’s always important to remember and follow the 5 SunSmart Rules:

  1. Slip on some sun-protective clothing that covers as much skin as possible
  2. Slop on SPF30+ sunscreen or higher ensuring that it is broad spectrum and water resistant. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and every two hours afterwards. Sunscreen should never be used to extend the time you spend in the sun.
  3. Slap on a hat
  4. Seek shade
  5. Slide on some sunglasses


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