5 Travel Essentials for a Healthy Holiday

5 Travel Essentials for a Healthy Holiday


Pack your travel bag, holiday time is finally here! Don't forget to take these 5 essentials to help you stay healthy while travelling.

1. Sore Throat Relief by Ethical Nutrients

Whether you are travelling by sea, air or train, for a long or a short journey, being in close proximity to hundreds of strangers is unavoidable. It doesn’t take a mathematician to realise that more people = more germs.

To manage germs and sore throats we love the Ethical Nutrients Sore Throat Relief spray. It contains ingredients like marshmallow to coat the throat and calendula to soothe, plus thyme and clove to kill off localised bacteria.

Simple to carry on board with you and under 50mls for international flights. It can also be used by children (5yrs +)

2. Beauty Fix Balm by The Beauty Chef

Want to have glowing skin on your holiday but don’t want to carry around a whole beauty bag?

Our pick for an all natural do-it-all product is The Beauty Chef Beauty Fix Balm. This little pot of magic is made from wholefood ingredients like young coconut extract, camellia seed oil and probiotics which help to hydrate, repair the skin and reduce inflammation.

You can use it as a moisturiser, lip balm and eye balm. The scent is also neutral so is suitable for both ladies and gents to wear.

3. GutBiotic SB+ by Fusion Health

“Travellers Diarrhea” is incredibly common, especially when visiting countries throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Not only is diarrhoea incredibly uncomfortable, but it also takes up precious days of your holiday with sickness and then recovering.

This new product from Fusion Health is a perfect combination Probiotic for travelling. Not only does it not need to be refrigerated, but it also contains 2 probiotics (Saccaromyces Boulardii & Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG) that are specific to reducing the risk, severity and duration of travellers diarrhoea.

Fusion GutBiotic SB+ may also be useful in managing digestive symptoms if you have food intolerances or a sensitive stomach and are unable to eat your normal diet due to travel.

4. Natural Sunscreen SPF30+ by Little Urchin

If the sun is shining where you are heading, then sunscreen will be a must!

But did you know that regular sunscreen contains a whole plethora of chemicals? The scientific verdict is still out on how much most of these chemicals we absorb through our skin, but if you’re going to be lathering up daily then we think there’s no reason to risk it when there are great alternatives available like Little Urchin Natural Sunscreen.

It ticks all the boxes – SPF 30+, water resistant for 3hrs,  provides protection from UVA and UVB rays, is paraben, preservative and synthetic fragrance free.

5. Papaya Ointment by P'ure Phytocare

Another all-rounder that is an essential for any travel bag is P’ure Papayacare Papaya Ointment.

It is petrochemical and preservative free and contains all the healing enzymes of regular papaya ointment, but also includes calendula and shea butter to reduce inflammation and redness, jojoba oil to hydrate the deeper layers of the skin and macadamia oil to reduce moisture loss.

We love it for protecting lips, soothing itchy or irritated skin, moisturising dry elbows or knees and healing bites and scratches.

If you have a question about the suitability of any of these products for you, please contact us.

Safe and happy travels,

The AustralianVitamins.com Team


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