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Curcumin: the anti-inflammatory ‘master switch’

There is so much buzz about Curcumin lately, but what exactly is it and how do you know which one to choose?

What is Curcumin?

“Curcumin” is the collective term given to a group of 3 curcuminoids that scientists have identified in the spice turmeric. These curcuminoids have shown promising anti-inflammatory properties in conditions such as osteo arthritis, depression, prostate enlargement and chronic pain. Unfortunately though, they have proven difficult to absorb and utilise in the body.

A Better Solution

Fortunately it was discovered that when curcumin was embedded into a lecithin phospholipid, the bioavailability and absorption dramatically increased and also protected the curcumin from degradation. This technology is named Meriva® Curcumin.


Meriva Curcumin

Meriva Curcumin is the most clinically researched and effective curcumin product on the market. It has shown to be significantly superior to unformulated curcuminoid mixtures, with the therapeutic health benefits being well documented by many randomised, controlled clinical trials. It is widely considered the ‘gold standard’ for medical research on humans.


What does Curcumin do?

Curcumin functions primarily as an anti-inflammatory. When most people hear the word “inflammation”, they think of arthritis or soft tissue injuries etc. But did you know that research has shown inflammation to be at the heart of a wide range of conditions, such as prostate enlargement, digestive disorders, nerve pain, depression, type II diabetes and much much more.

Meriva® Curcumin has undergone over 20 clinical trials published in scientific journals demonstrating a number of health benefits including:

  1. Major advances in joint function - decreased joint pain, stiffness, swelling, inflammation, mood disturbance and anxiety as well as reducing painkiller use by two thirds.
  2. Powerful painkilling effects – for both acute and chronic pain such as headache, knee, shoulder, lower back, muscular, dental, sciatic and carpal tunnel pain.
  3. Enhanced circulation – to feet and reduced foot swelling in those with blood glucose disturbances.
  4. Consistent vision improvements -  reduced retinal swelling and improved blood flow to the eyes in those with blood glucose disturbances. Meriva® Curcumin partially improved vision loss from moderate to mild, as well as reducing blurring and uveitis.
  5. Dramatic improvements in prostate & bladder function – such as reducing urinary disturbances, improving sexual activity and quality of life. Participants also had a lowered Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) reading.

Bio Curcumin 5400 from Herbs of Gold contains Meriva® Curcumin in a therapeutic dose to assist with any pain and inflammation you may be experiencing. It’s very important to discuss your individual requirements with your healthcare practitioner. Vitamins may be of assistance if your dietary intake is inadequate.

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