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Mokosh Face Cream :: Light

  • Mokosh Face Cream :: Light

Mokosh Skincare


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Product Description

Mokosh Light Face Cream now enriched with 2 new ingredients - sea buckthorn and borage - our Light Face Cream is even more irresistible!

This cream has been described with the adjectives 'luscious' and 'delicious' - it is beautifully light and quickly absorbed. It is delicately fragranced with vanilla essential oil which combines perfectly with the cooling coconut and the rich earthiness of our unsurpassed unrefined shea butter. We have now added sea buckthorn and borage oils to this cream which, together with marula oil, has enhanced its anti-oxidant, vitamin and mineral content.  Its lightness comes from camellia oil, which is also rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.

This cream brings high nutritional value to the skin, and is easy to wear on its own or under makeup. It will suit normal, combination and dry skins, and can be used by oily skins after gentle exfoliation with Face Cleansing Powder.

Warm a small amount in the hands, then pat onto lightly moist skin, eg after spraying with Pure Hydrosol Toner or whilst the skin is still moist after cleansing. Massage gently using light upward strokes.


Unrefined shea butter (Fair Trade), camellia oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, marula oil, sea buckthorn oil, borage oil, vanilla essential oil, rosemary leaf extract.

100% Certified Organic.

Mokosh Skincare Certified Organic Fair Trade :: Containing pure, ethically sourced ingredients that are strictly free of potentially harmful additives and unsustainable ingredients found in almost all skin care products.

Formulated differently from virtually all other skin care - they contain no water, whereas mainstream skin care contains up to 85% water. The absence of water means Mokosh products require no preservatives, since microorganisms are unable to grow in a water-free environment. Further, they require none of the other synthetic compounds required when water is present - emulsifiers, stablisers and thickeners. Mokosh products are pure plant ingredients - unrefined, and unchanged from their natural form.
Because they contain no water, Mokosh moisturisers are up to 5 times the concentration of standard skin care. This means you need use only one-fifth the amount you would normally use.

Key ingredients are Fair Trade - shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, coconut flour, marula oil and coffee. We do not add preservatives of any description - not even those approved for use in certified organic cosmetics, because we are not satisfied with their safety. Nor do we use artificial colours or fragrances, or synthetic ingredients- all our ingredients are used in their natural form. We don't use palm oil in our soaps and other products for environmental reasons. It seems that Mokosh is one of the few skin care brands that is genuinely free of palm oil derivatives.

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