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Coconut Oil :: Virgin Certified Organic

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Brand: Oil4Life Coconut Oil
Categories: Superfoods, Cholesterol Health, Weight Loss
Coconut Oil :: Rich in MCT's for Calorie Burning :: Virgin Certified Organic The Oil4Life Difference This superior tasting, fresh-pressed, organic coconut oil is extracted in the shortest possible time… Read more

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Oil4Life Coconut Oil - Coconut Oil :: Virgin Certified Organic

Coconut Oil :: Rich in MCT's for Calorie Burning :: Virgin Certified Organic

The Oil4Life Difference This superior tasting, fresh-pressed, organic coconut oil is extracted in the shortest possible time - from harvest to bottle in under 2 hours. This is vital to avoid a bitter or rancid taste. The latest technology is used to achieve the most natural oil, without applying direct heat or using chemicals. This ensures that OIL4LIFE is superior in flavor and texture, and is crystal clear and silky smooth. Using strict hygiene and quality controls from a single source, guarantees the fresh aroma and silky smooth texture will be the same every time.

Premium grade certified organic, virgin coconut oil. Oil4Life coconuts are harvested at certified organic plantations.

    * No direct heat or chemicals used in the unique extraction process to retain all of the natural oil qualities
    * Flesh is pressed within one hour of opening coconuts; vital to avoid a bitter or rancid taste
    * Oil remains crystal clear with no burnt odour or aftertaste
    * Single source oil, processed using strict hygiene controls to guarantee consistent quality and purity
    * Bio Agri Certified and IFOAM Accredited


    * Cholesterol free
    * Thai coconuts - superior creamy flavour
    * From coconut to bottle in under 2 hours
    * Single controlled, organic source
    * Unique modern, sanitary extraction technique
    * Strict quality and hygiene controls
    * Independently tested and monitored
    * Environmentally friendly, recycled packaging
    * Packed in brown glass to reduce oxygen/ light exposure
    * Use of our special centrifuge is just a small part of our advanced proprietary extraction technique.

We often see the words fats and oils used interchangeably. However a fat is generally considered solid at room temperature, while oils are liquid. But the most important thing is the structure of fats and oils. The amazing benefits of virgin coconut oil are due to its chemical structure; i.e. the MCT's (Medium Chain Triglycerides), and nature's richest source of MCT's is coconut oil.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides in virgin coconut oil are smaller than other fats. They are digested so quickly that the body uses them as an immediate source of fuel rather than packing them away in storage inside our fat cells. MCTs are used to produce energy similar to carbohydrates and therefore are not circulated in the bloodstream like other fats. For this reason, they do not supply fat to fat cells or contribute to weight gain. So when you use coconut oil in food preparation, you can eat the same types of foods as you normally do, yet consume fewer calories.

In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition researchers reviewed all the published studies to date on MCT and weight management. These studies demonstrated that diets containing MCT result in an increase in energy, a rise in metabolism, increased burning of calories, decrease in food consumption, lower body fat mass and reduced body weight(1). Because of these effects, the authors of this study recommend using oils containing MCT, such as virgin coconut oil, as a means to lose excess body fat, control weight, and even treat obesity. Other studies have shown that when oils containing MCT are used in place of fats in the diet, people can lose as much as 16kg a year, even when total calorie consumption remains the same!
So we really can have our fats (as virgin coconut oil) and manage our weight we just need to make sure they are the right fats!

Using in Cooking - Coconut Oil is ideal to use for cooking as it has a very high smoke point. This means that it can be heated to higher temperatures than most other vegetable oils ensuring that food is cooked faster to maintain nutrients. Ideal to use for stir frys, curries, stews, salads, mayonnaise, smoothies and more. Use OIL4LIFE Certified Organic Coconut Oil wherever you use vegetable oil. Premium grade certified organic, virgin coconut oil.

Using in beauty treatments - Virgin coconut oil is not just for cooking. It is a great natural moisturiser as it helps to keep skin soft and smooth. Tropical communities have used coconut oil as an anti-wrinkle treatment for centuries. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the skin so is ideal to use for massage and during pregnancy to help with stretch marks. Keep some handy in a small jar in the bathroom and apply after your shower your skin will thank you.

(1) St-Onge, M.P., and Jones, P.J.H., 2002. Physiological effects of medium-chain triglycerides: potential agents in the prevention of obesity. Journal of Nutrition 132(3):329-332.

Organic certification standards do not stop at the plantation. We make sure that processed foods are produced without the use of any synthetic additives, that the goods are packed, stored and transported according to the organic certification standards.

Any organic product sold in Australia must, by law, display a certification symbol or number. When you see an organic/biodynamic symbol, you can be sure that the product complies with minimum government standards. These standards are set by AQIS and meet international standards. There are various certification bodies that certify products which are available in Australia. Each certification body has its own symbol.

OIL4LIFE have bio agri certification and an IFOAM accreditation.

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