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UMF 25+ Manuka Honey

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Brand: Haines Manuka Honey
Categories: Manuka Honey
UMF 25+ Manuka Honey :: Haines Manuka Honey SOLD OUT Our New Zealand honeys are unique and our climate and long isolation from the rest of the world combined with the pure and un-polluted environment… Read more

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Haines Manuka Honey - UMF 25+ Manuka Honey

UMF 25+ Manuka Honey :: Haines Manuka Honey


Our New Zealand honeys are unique and our climate and long isolation from the rest of the world combined with the pure and un-polluted environment and natural diversity of floral and native NZ trees, ensure a quality honey unsurpassed from the rest of the world.

Our honey is the result of a combination of New Zealand flora and fauna. Bees visit flowers in search of nectar and pollen. The nectar is then mixed with special enzymes produced naturally by the bees to make our NZ honey.

Manuka Honey:
Manuka has intensely scented flowers which pollinates in Summer and is highly attractive to bees. Manuka honey (UMF®) describes the anti-bacterial property sought after for its amazing qualities that support health and well-being. UMF® Manuka is the registered name and trademark of the active Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) and can only be used by licensed users who meet the criteria which includes regular monitoring and auditing of their quality UMF® Manuka honey.

UMF® Manuka honey can be used on application on the skin or consumed.
Its anti-bacterial activity (highly effective at killing bacteria) has an equivalent concentration to phenol, a common antiseptic. It supports the natural healing of wounds, burns, digestive tract and throat. The active ingredients and anti-oxidents in our UMF® Manuka honey can also be used for added vitality, oral health, active immunity or overall health and wellbeing.

Info from the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association:

For thousands of years honey has been known for its antibacterial, healing and health-enhancing properties. Certain honeys from specific plants are more effective than others, and the honey that comes from some strains of the New Zealand Manuka bush (Leptospermum Scoparium) is one of these.

In 1981 Dr Peter Molan (MBE), Associate Professor in Biochemistry at Waikato University, confirmed that some strains of the New Zealand Manuka bush honey contains an extraordinary, naturally present, very stable and powerful non-peroxide antibacterial activity not found in any other variety of honey.

The presence of the special non-peroxide activity can be detected only by an array of scientific testing directly relating to the phenol standard. The UMF® rating has a one-to-one relationship to the phenol standard e.g. UMF® 5 Manuka honey has the same non-peroxide antibacterial activity as a 5% phenol solution.

UMF License: 1015 - Haines Apiaries 2007 Limited

About Haines Apiaries

Haines Apiaries is a family owned business located in sunny Kaitaia, Northland, New Zealand which has been run by family members since 1949.

We produce and export premium quality New Zealand Manuka Honey (UMF® Active and Non Active), Clover Honey and NZ Multiflora Bush Honey for New Zealand and international markets.

We offer you a rich and delicious range of pure New Zealand honeys including UMF® Manuka and Rewarewa honey that are pure and natural and contain naturally occurring health-giving properties only found in the native flora and trees of New Zealand. Our honeys are special, not just in their amazing flavour but also in the high essential rich nutrients and anti-oxidents they contain.

Our honey is gathered wild by local beekeepers and we guarantee they are 100% natural and retain all of the raw goodness and flavour unique to native New Zealand flora and fauna.

After being involved in supplying our premium Haines honey to both the local and export markets for over 60 years, we are confident of our ability to produce a consistent product and professional service for you at all times.

The benefits of Haines pure New Zealand Honey

• High in natural antioxidents
• High in health giving properties and rich essential nutrients
• High in natural antibacterial properties
• Pure 100% raw, un-pasteurised, natural honey
• Honey sourced from a pure and un-polluted environment
• Made locally in New Zealand from native flora and trees


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