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TOM Organic Tampons :: Super

Product description

Brand: TOM Organic Tampons
Categories: Womens Health, Personal Care / Bathroom
Organic Tampons :: Super T.O.M :: Use me for a heavy flow. Each pack contains: T.O.M Organic Super - 14 slim certified organic tampons. Meet T.O.M. The worlds only Australian Certified Organic tampon… Read more

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TOM Organic Tampons - TOM Organic Tampons :: Super

Organic Tampons :: Super T.O.M :: Use me for a heavy flow.

Each pack contains: T.O.M Organic Super - 14 slim certified organic tampons.

Meet T.O.M. The worlds only Australian Certified Organic tampon that cares for your body and the environment at that certain 'Time Of Month.'

T.O.M Organic offers a range of tampons to keep you chemical free, every ‘Time Of Month’.

We have designed our packs with attention to detail for your convenience. T.O.M’s uber slim, recyclable twin packs will keep your T.O.M’s safe and prevent them from jumping about in your handbag.

Where did T.O.M Organic Tampons come from?

Aimee Marks, founder of T.O.M Organic, Studied an Entrepreneurship degree at RMIT to launch T.O.M.

Countless hours of research made it clear that cotton is the worlds dirtiest pesticide sprayed crop AND that conventional tampons contain blends of this cotton, together with polypropylene and viscose-rayon.

In simple terms the ingredients on the back of conventional tampon packs commonly include: synthetics, plastics and conventional cotton.

As a result T.O.M was created; a product with integrity and style that all women can benefit from at that certain 'Time Of Month'.

When it comes to that certain Time of Month, T.O.M cares about you and the environment.

T.O.M Organic is not only the world's first 100% Australian Certified Organic tampon but is also biodegradable and won't hang around in landfills for generations to come.

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