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Brand: The Acumat
Categories: Sports Nutrition, Accessories
CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE until October at this stage The Acumat is an ergonomic acupressure mat that massages your entire body during work, rest or play. The contoured surface of the Acumat is designed to… Read more

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The Acumat - Acumat :: Charcoal Grey CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE until October at this stage

The Acumat is an ergonomic acupressure mat that massages your entire body during work, rest or play. 

The contoured surface of the Acumat is designed to improve circulation & muscle tone, helping you enjoy an active life.


Use it any time you need a mat - Be it yoga, pilates, fitness training, rehabilitation, work, hiking, mountaineering or travel. 


The Acumat is made to stimulate circulation & improve muscle tone during any ground based exercise, during outdoor adventures, or at work. 


It is your all-purpose matting system to maximise warmth, comfort and positive physiological effects such as improved circulation and muscle tone.


How It Works

Maximise Your Exercise Benefits

The pyramid contours stimulate your skin and muscles via passive ischaemic pressure (acupressure), much like getting a massage for the "knots" in your muscles. The stimulation of your muscles triggers cells called "muscle spindles" which are mechno-receptors in that tell your brain how much tension is running through the muscle tissue.

The brain and central nervous system then reacts to the stimulus of the acupressure by telling the muscle fibres to reduce the tension (resting tone) which allows the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid via reactive hyperaemia - where the muscle cells (in particular the sarcoplasmic reticulum)  uptake calcium to reset the muscle fibres into a "relaxed and ready" state.

By reducing the internal resistance to circulation of that accompanies tight and fatigued muscles (muscle hypertonicity) there is a more efficient "muscle-pump" activity which is the only way venous blood and lymphatic fluid is transported around the body. 

If there is too much tension in the muscles and connective tissues there will be a reduced ability of these muscle-pumps to circulate blood and lymph (via the contraction and relaxation of the muscle).

Proprioceptive feedback is maximised for barefoot training such as yoga, pilates, weight training and any other mat-based exercise via the active base of support created by the contoured surface of the Acumat.

In cases of injury or pain, the Acumat® can be used with the pyramids facing downwards to reduce bio-mechanical pressure on inflamed/sensitive/injured areas.

Dynamic Exercise Mat for Yoga, Pilates & Training

  • Stimulate Muscles - relax tight muscles while exercising.
  • Promote Circulation - increase blood flow & lymphatic drainage.
  • Modular - create Low-Impact or Non-Slip flooring.
  • Foam Roller - reduce back & leg tension - roll it up & cinch it tight!
  • Max Stimulation - Pyramids UP to increase circulation.
  • Max Suspension - Pyramids DOWN reduces bio-mechanical pressure.

Sleeping on the Run

  • Comfort - Unparalleled insulation & suspension via contoured profile.
  • Warmth - Low profile on the ground to reduce conductive heat loss.
  • Airflow - Use the Acumat® Pyramids-UP in hot weather to keep you cool.    
  • Active Support - Adapts to your body for increased comfort.
  • Micro Suspension - Stops hard & uneven ground causing pressure points.

The pyramids minimise conductive heat loss by decreasing the total surface area in contact with cold or uneven ground - providing greater warmth & comfort.

The distortion of the pyramid contours reduces bio-mechanical pressure on the body - creating a more comfortable surface for rest or action. Airflow beneath the contours helps to prevent condensation.

Health in the Workplace

  • Reduce Overuse Injuries - minimise mechanical pressure on joints.
  • Reduce Lifting Hazards - lightweight for easy moving & storing.
  • Improved Hygiene - sealed & waterproof surface for easy cleaning.
  • Non-Slip - drains water away to create improved friction & grip.
  • Modular - dovetails can be joined together for large areas.
  • Wet & Dry - reduces slipping risks in both wet & dry areas.
  • Multi-Function - ideal for hospitality, industrial, retail work areas.

The Acumat® is an anti-fatigue mat that can help prevent occupational overuse injuries by reducing bio-mechanical pressure on joints.

Used with the contours upwards the Acumat® creates a non-slip surface for wet areas such as kitchens, swimming pools, bathrooms etc.

With the contours downwards the Acumat® provides a low impact matting system with an active base of support for the user. It can be used while standing, kneeling or laying down.

The muscles keep working to pump venous blood and lymphatic fluid towards the thoracic cage (chest) which is ideal for tradesmen, lab technicians, retail workers or anyone in a sedentary occupation.

When used as an anti-fatigue mat in wet areas the contours facilitate air-flow beneath the mat to help prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria, disease vectors, and unpleasant odours.

The Acumat® uses a closed cell foam structure that is durable, lightweight and easy to clean, which helps to prevent lifting hazards when moving or cleaning anti-fatigue matting.


Material =  EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) & Rubber Composite

Length = 1825mm

Width = 625mm

Thickness = 25mm  

Rolled Size = 250mm x 625mm

Average Weight = 2.2kg

The Acumat® is constructed from EVA foam and rubber.

It has been designed to withstand heat, cold, abrasion, and petroleum products.

Do NOT expose to excessive heat or open flames.

DO wash with detergent & warm water to keep it clean & ensure long life.


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