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Cheeki 750ml Matt Purple Bottle :: Stainless Steel

Product description

Brand: Cheeki Water Bottles
Categories: Water - BPA Free Bottles
Cheeki 750ml :: When you need a big drink these 750ml bottles are just the go! The bright & colourful stainless steel water bottles are eco-friendly, safe to drink from and painted with non-toxic… Read more

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Cheeki Water Bottles - Cheeki 750ml Matt Purple Bottle :: Stainless Steel

Cheeki 750ml :: When you need a big drink these 750ml bottles are just the go!

The bright & colourful stainless steel water bottles are eco-friendly, safe to drink from and painted with non-toxic inks. All our lids are BPA Free and the bottles are made from Pure Grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel. 

  • They contain no linings and will not leach chemicals.
  • These bottles are designed for cold liquids only.

750ml Water Bottle Specifications

Cheeki Bottles are made out of a premium grade of Stainless Steel known as Grade 304 or 18/8.

(ml) (grams) Width
750 137.00 7.2 7.2 26.2

Cheeki is a fresh new Australian-owned brand that was launched with the aim of supplying safe, healthy and fun stainless steel bottles. As a result we hope to encourage a significantly reduced consumption of disposable plastic water bottles.

Cheeki Water Bottles are BPA FREE!

Size: 750ml (25.36oz)

About BPA Bisphenol A is extremely widespread among many household plastics such as baby bottles and food storage containers. BPA is a chemical used in the manufacture of plastics and epoxy resins and is a known carcinogen that has been linked to brain synapse, reproductive and developmental impairments. Canada announced in 2008 it’s intent to ban the sale of baby bottles containing BPA’s.

Furthermore, repeated use of common disposable bottles (PET) can cause the plastic to break down and carcinogens to leach into your drinking water. Try leaving a full plastic bottle (re-used) and a full Cheeki bottle overnight and next morning take a sip from each – the difference in taste is incredible.

Environmental Concerns - Unless disposable plastic bottles are incinerated, they will be around in landfills, oceans and parks for hundreds of years. Most of us nowadays like to think that we are environmentally conscious, yet take a look at how many people are buying, carrying around and throwing out plastic bottles on a daily basis! Its mind-boggling. (not to mention the health risk, the taste or the expense). Millions of plastic bottles are thrown out – it’s really one of modern life ’s most ludicrous “developments” (not to mention the energy consumed in transportation and refrigeration).

Economy –
you only need to refill your Cheeki bottle approximately five times as compared to purchasing five bottled waters to “break even”. We then hope you refill your Cheeki bottle five hundred times – for free!! (that’s a saving of about $1700!)

Fun – a cheeky range of Cheeki bottles that will quickly grow. Throw them in your bag, travel with them in your car, and stay hydrated. Sports Lids are a great accessory, as are the kids handles for the baby bottles.

Dishwasher Safe – but best not to put the lids in the dishwasher, the rubber washer doesn’t like it!

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