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Bush Flower Relationship Drops

Product description

Brand: Australian Bush Flowers
Categories: Bush Flower Essences
Bush Flower Relationship Drops Negative Condition: • Emotion pain and turmoil • Confusion • Resentment • Blocked, held in emotions • Inability to relate Positive Outcome: •… Read more

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Australian Bush Flowers - Bush Flower Relationship Drops

Bush Flower Relationship Drops

Negative Condition:
• Emotion pain and turmoil
• Confusion
• Resentment
• Blocked, held in emotions
• Inability to relate

Positive Outcome:
• Expressing feelings
• Enhanced communication
• Forgiveness
• Breaks negative family conditioning
• Renews interest
• Enhances parental-child bonding

Enhances the quality of all relationships, especially intimate ones. It clears and releases resentment, blocked emotions and the confusion, emotional pain and turmoil of a rocky relationship. Helps one verbalise, express feelings and improve communication. This Essence breaks the early negative family conditioning and patterns which effect us in our current adult relationships. For those in intimate relationships a perfect remedy to follow this combination is Sexuality Essence.

Bush Flower Essences: Bluebell, Boab, Bottlebrush, Bush Gardenia, Dagger Hakea, Flannel Flower, Mint Bush, Red Helmet Orchid, Red Suva Frangipani and Wedding Bush.

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