Emu Spirit Emu Oil Liquid

  • Emu Spirit Emu Oil Liquid
  • Emu Spirit Emu Oil Liquid

Emu Spirit Emu Oil

Australian Aborigines have long used the oil of the Emu for its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating powers.Utilising Emu Spirits patented rendering process, OILTEK TM, "Emu Spirit" Oil of Emu can be used both topically and internally to help relieve...

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Product Description

Australian Aborigines have long used the oil of the Emu for its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating powers.

Utilising Emu Spirits patented rendering process, OILTEK TM, "Emu Spirit" Oil of Emu can be used both topically and internally to help relieve the symptoms of a wide range of inflammation based ailments.


When applied topically 2 - 3 times daily or as required, "EMU SPIRIT" Oil of Emu may help reduce the symptoms of joint inflammation associated with arthritis and provide symptomatic relief of rheumatism.  Oil of Emu may also provide relief of muscular aches and pains, pre menstrual symptoms (PMS), effects of psoriasis on the skin and the symptoms of eczema.

In addition, application of Oil of Emu may also aid recovery to damaged skin including Burns, Blisters, Scars, Cuts, Abrasions, Cradle Cap, Sunburn and Nappy Rash.


When taken orally* "EMU SPIRIT" Oil of Emu may be of benefit for the following inflammation based conditions; provide temporary relief from the pain of arthritis and rheumatism, relief of pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS), and relief from the symptoms of eczema and effects of psoriasis on the skin.

Typical Omega Fatty Acid Analysis per 1mL:

  • Omega 3   Fatty Acids   (Linolenic acid)    9.2 mg
  • Omega 6   Fatty Acids   (Linoleic acid)    99.0 mg
  • Omega 9   Fatty Acids   (Oleic acid)       473.0 mg

Recommended Daily Dosage:
For symptoms associated with inflammation (e.g. Arthritis and rheumatism):  Take 5mL of Oil of Emu 2 - 3 times a day for the first 8 to 12 weeks, reducing intake to 5mL of Oil of Emu a day to suit individual requirements.

For relief from psoriasis, eczema, and PMS ailments: Take2.5mL of Oil of Emu twice a day for 6-12 weeks, then 2.5mL of Oil of Emu once a day thereafter.

NB: 5mL is equivalent to 1 standard teaspoon.
Shake well before use.
If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

The Australian Emu industry has a competitive advantage over Emu oil produced in other countries. Much of the oil produced overseas comes from genetically inferior ex-zoo stock, and uses antiquated and now scientifically ‘scorned’ production techniques ie: the ridiculous insistence from many American oil produces that their oil is ‘triple refined’, or ‘super refined’.

These techniques turn the most active natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that nature has uniquely bonded together, into an intrusive and molecular destructive process that uses high temperatures. These oil refining techniques can produce toxic products and are better suited to the dark ages.

(the name given to the process of converting Emu fat into pure Emu oil)

Many U.S states and countries within the European Union (E.U) are extremely aware of the health dangers associated with animal and vegetable fats and oils which are subjected to high processing temperatures, which result in the breakdown of the all important natural molecular structure such as those found in Emu oil. These production techniques result in a massive loss in the efficacy of Emu oil.

Emu Spirit’s patented rendering process, OilTek™, devised by one of the world’s leading oil chemists, Mr. Andy Baker, is exclusive to Emu Spirit and Emu Spirit’s products. This process produces a stable, 100% pure oil that maintains the same natural molecular structure as the raw, natural product (emu fat).

OilTek™ insures that the amazing anti-inflammatory and skin repairing capabilities of this natural wonder are preserved, insuring that you receive the most active, stable, and pure Emu oil available.

Several leading American Emu oil brands – generally the ‘blue’ coloured Emu oil products (yes, that’s right – they add blue colouring into their oil), contain less Emu oil in their supposed therapeutic goods than what our cosmetic range uses. Some of these companies even boast that their ‘super strength’ products contain 7% Emu oil. Emu Spirit’s cosmetics on the other hand contain the following: Day crème - 22% Emu oil; Night crème - 26% Emu oil; Advanced Body Crème – 15% Emu oil.

Our therapeutic range such as the Arthritic and Muscular Rub contains 59% Emu oil. Of course our original product, Oil of Emu and Oil of Emu Omega 3, 6, 9 Capsules contain nothing less than 100% pure Emu oil.

Emu Spirit’s Oil of Emu products contain the synergistic activity of all aspects of Emu oil, including its temperature sensitive Omega essential fatty acids. We control all stages of production, from farming of the Emus, to the processing and the rendering of fat into the 100% pure Oil of Emu, using our patented rendering system at our Melbourne factory.

By far the most important factor in producing an active Emu oil is the storage and rendering of Emu fat. Emu Spirit has developed a unique patented rendering system, OILTEK, that produces a stable, active oil while preserving the natural properties of the Emu oil.

Emu Spirit aims to continue to provide information and real choices which encourage people to take an active role in the decisions they make about their health and well-being.

Emu Spirit Emu Oil Liquid

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